Lesson 10a - Verb "To be" - Past Tense - Positive



The past tense of "to be" is used to join a subject with a word or words that tell something about the subject that happened in the past. We often use words such as "yesterday" or phrases such as "last week" or "last year" to indicate when something happened in the past .

The verb "be" is an irregular verb. We use "was" with a singular pronoun or noun and "were" with a plural pronoun or noun. An exception to this is the pronoun "you" which always uses "were".


I was

You were

He was

She was

It was

We were

You were

They were


I was a student.

The baby was tired.

She was fat.

You were sick.

It was a fast car.

We were wet.

You were friends.

The janitors were happy.